“Settle in for the ride – it’s gonna get moody.”

With that playful warning, singer/songwriter Deni Gauthier introduces his ambitious new collection of songs and stories, Passenger.

Self-produced in Gauthier’s St. Thomas, Ontario Studio, Passenger is a concept album that weaves Deni’s musings on life, love, and relationships together with stories about characters dealing with change, both positive and negative.

“You live and die a passenger,” Deni explains. “But you can live such a cool and meaningful life. That’s what this record is about.”

Deni is known for his lush but understated songwriting and singing style. He makes effective use of his looping station, as well as ambient guitar noises that add texture to his often haunting melodies. Like his other CDs, Passenger is an ode to beauty and restraint, with insightful lyrics drawn from real experience.

“I wrote these songs with an old campfire guitar, walking up and down the street watching my kids last summer,” he says. “Lyrically, they’re definitely the strongest songs I’ve written.”

Deni’s previous full-length CDs include Quiet Town (2014), i (am) hope (2012), and Man About Town (2011). His songs have been played frequently on CBC Radio 1, and singles including Into the West and All I Really Want have reached top-10 status on radio stations across Canada. He has been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious 2016 Jack Richardson Music Award in the Contemporary Singer/Songwriter category. He plays close to 200 shows per year, and has shared with the stage with artists including The 77s, Craig Cardiff, Kerosene Halo, and many others.

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"Deni played at the first house concert we ever hosted.

Almost everyone who came had never been to a house concert before and some were a little nervous about what it would be like.

Deni had everyone relaxed and by intermission it felt like family.

When Deni finished his last set, you could have heard a pin drop-no one wanted the night to end! Magic!"   -Paul Brittain

I had never grasped the complete concept of looping until Deni brought it to life. One man suddenly turns into many, layering melodies and vocals, creating one fantastic work after another. Having Deni play in our home was not only a joy to the ears, but brings a richness to your soul. We had the opportunity to share his stories, family photos and a hearty conversations, all under one roof. -Jocelyn Park

Deni uses LaCroix guitars and promotes Fake Life clothing. Buy a shirt, feed a kid! It’s a good thing.

If you have never heard Deni Gauthier, go and listen at really loud volume and let Quiet Town wash over you. Rich. Soul Warming. -Nathan Shields

"(Deni's) songs are layered with loops, a bed of ambiance and modern sounds, over which we get his beautiful words and voice. Seriously, this guy has Glenn Frey beat for sheer emotion. It would be folly to surround his pipes with anything but the loveliest harmonies, and prettiest keyboards." Bob Mersereau.


Join the inner circle...

Deni Gauthier is a consummate professional; personally pleasant, musically excellent and always well prepared.  I’ve booked three gigs with Deni and will book many more.  While I love his studio work, his songs take new life and shape when played for others.  They stretch and breath; they hurt and offer hope.  They tell the tale of life lived together.  Given his talent for looping vocals and guitar, he is truly a one man band — full and free.  Nonetheless, he can also strip a song so bare that it sounds like a friend whispering midnight secrets in your ear.  Life, love, hope, ache, disappointment, and redemption; its all here in Deni’s musical offspring.  Seeing him perform live, however, is like watching his children run free.

Jonathan Feavel 

"This is the third time I have seen Deni Gauthier perform, and his music sends me to another place. His compositions are at once simple, but layered and complex, and his vocals, and the harmonies he weaves, both with the looper and his keyboard accompanist Steve Koning, are both calming and peaceful. While his songs sometimes deal with discord and the tribulations of the human condition, there is a tranquility that infuses his messages with hope and a search for peace. Deni Gauthier takes his audiences on a journey every time he performs. His musical quest for meaning and understanding are transformative and inclusive. As he quips self-effacingly in the description of one of his songs, Deni Gauthier is "the artist" forging meaning from a troubled and confusing world. I left last night's concert a little more connected and at peace with myself than when I arrived." - Jamie Oppenheimer.


“A major talent worthy of greater exposure.”- New Canadian Music

“This prolific storyteller demonstrated his mastering of song creation by entwining heartfelt, emotional lyrics blanketed with appealing soundscapes.  His textured approach to music precipitates unabridged songs that leave the listener feeling satisfied.  It doesn’t hurt that his voice is a beautiful fusion of a softer version of John Legend and the soulfulness of Dallas Green.” Canadian Beats